Monday, March 27, 2017

Winnipeg Computers Schools

Winnipeg Computers Schools And Some Friendly And Free Advice About Buying Your Next New Or Used Computer And Computer Repair If You Live In Winnipeg, Own A Computer, Attend One Of Winnipeg's Schools And Want To Save Money And Time On Computer On Computer Repair, Buying A New Computer, Or Looking For Information About Attending One Of The Many Winnipeg Computer Schools In Town.

Computer Repair Is Easy. Computer Repair Comes In Three Types. The First Type Of Computer Repair Is Software Related Computer Repair.

Software Related Computer Issues Happen When The Original And Working Version Of The Computer Software You Are Using Is Changed From The Original Version To Another Modified Version And Directly Affects Your Computer Performance And Operation By Providing A New Set Of Computer Instructions To Your Computer System And Computer Processors To Process.

This May Be A Self Inflicted Change You Made Yourself To A Software Program Or A Back Round Computer Service Or Can Be The Work Of Computer Hackers Or A Bad Computer Software Application, Service, Or Buggy Computer Device Drivers. It Can Also Indirectly Happen By Your Computer Hanging, Freezing, Or Resetting And Rebooting At A Critical Time When An Important File Is Modified But Incorrectly Saved To Disc Do To The Computer Being Powered Down, Freezing, Or Dropped And Reset.

In Most Instances Of Software Related Computer Repair Issues The Computer Operating System Has Been Changed In Some Way. The Original Computer Operating System Code In Side The Operating System Files On Your Computer Hard Drive Are Typically Changed Or Completely Erased Or Replaced With A Not To Functional Version That Directly Causes Conflicts In The Computer Code.

These Changes To Your Computer Hard Drive Code Can Happen Many Different Ways. The First Way These Types Of Software Issues Happen Is By A Hacked Or Compromised Computer Connected To Your Home Or Office Computer Network That Is Attempting To Infiltrate And Compromise Other Computers And Devices Connected On The Network Or May Have Already Successfully Compromised All Other Computers On The Computer Networks In Your Home Or Office And Is Simply Waiting For You To Make Your Connection To The Compromised Computers And Network So It Can Attempt To Compromise Your Computer Too.

The Same Changes To Your Hard Drive Computer Code Can Happen By Using A Direct Hard Wired, Wireless, Or Wifi Connection Directly From Your Computer To The Internet. Every Day Hundreds Of Thousands Of Computer Hackers Used Hundreds If Not Thousands Or Hundreds Of Thousands Of Already Compromised Computers Connected On The Internet To Attempt To Systematically Scan, Find, Locate, And Compromise Other Additional Computers On The Internet.

The New Computer You Just Bought At Best Buy Or Future Shop Can Instantly Be Compromised, Hacked, And Cracked In Just A Few Minutes After Connecting Your Computer To Your Office Computer Network Or Your Home Computer Network Or By Making A Direct Connection To The Internet Regardless Of What Anti Virus Protection Programs You Have Installed, Configured, And Your Computer Is Currently Using.

Another Popular Way For Computer Hackers To Compromise And Hack Your Computer By Changing Your Computer Operating System Files Is By Hacking Popular Web Servers And Web Sites Used By Many People And Attempting To Remotely Compromise The Computer That Connects To The Website By Attempting Various Unpatched And Unknown Web Browser Exploits That Allows The Compromised Web Site Or Web Service To Upload Customized Computer Code From The Web Server To Your Web Browser That Will Process And Execute The Code Without Your Knowledge, Authorization, Or Consent.

Using Your Friends Or Family Members Discs, External Hard Drive, And Plug In USB Memory Sticks Can Also Lead To Your Computer System Being Compromised Resulting In Computer Software Issues By Bad Computer Code And Computer Viruses That May Spread Or Clone Itself To All Types Of Writable Memory Media Like Hard Drives, Rewritable CD's & DVD's, And USB Memory Devices.

As You Can See Software Related Computer Issues Are Quite Common And Can Affect A Computer System Many Different Ways And Become Affected A Variety Of Different Ways. The Easy Way To Fix All Of These Types Of Issues Is To Disconnect Your Computer From Your Computer Network Or The Internet And Simply Reinstall A New Copy Of Your Computer Operating System And Update And Secure It Before Connecting Or Reconnecting To Your Home Or Office Network And The Internet.

Computer Hardware Issues Can Also Cause Many Computer Issues. The Most Frequent Computer Hardware Issues This Computer Technicians See Is Dead And Faulty Computer Power Supplies And Internal Computer Hard Drive Failure, As Well As Dead CPU Cooling Fans.

The Computer Power Supply, Internal Computer Hard Drive, And Dead CPU Cooling Fans Are Components In Your Computer That Have Mechanically Moving Parts. Like Any System With Moving Parts The Computer Power Supply, Hard Drive, And Cooling Fans Are Subject To Wear And Tear Over Time, Will Require Replacing, And Can Cause Computer Havoc And Computer Trouble On All Types Of Computers That Have Mechanical Power Supplies, Hard Drives, And CPU Cooling Fans.

A Bad Or Faulty Computer Power Supply Can Cause A Wide Variety Of Computer Issues. If Your Computer Can Not Get Power Passed The Computer Power Supply To Power The Main Board, The CPU, RAM, The Hard Drive, And Other Onboard Or Plugged In Computer Components That Make Up Your Computer System The Computer Systems Simply Won't Work. No Power - No Computing.

Symptoms Of A Dead Or Faulty Computer Power Supply Inside Of Your Computer Are Usually Very Easy To Recognize. Usually The First Symptom That Screams Bad Power Supply Is The Computer Will Simply Not Turn On Or Be Powered Up Because No Power Or Not Enough Power Is Getting Threw The Computer Power Supply To The Rest Of The Computer Components.

Some Times A Bad Computer Power On/Off Button Can Mimic The Effects Of A Bad Power Supply When A Computer User Attempts To Power On The Computer Or The Laptop And The Expected Power On Process Does Not Happen. Chances Are Good That You Would Likely Know Your Computer Has A Bad Or Faulty Power On / Power Off Power Button But May Not Be So Obvious On Computers And Computer Servers That Are Always On Or Powered On For A Long Period Of Time And The Power Button Is No Used So Much.

Most Computer Power Supplies Have About A 5 Year Shelf Life. What I Mean By This Is That Most Computer Power Supplies Should Be Able To Be Powered On And Used Problem Free For About 5 Years Of Continuous Use. If Your Computer Power Supply Dies Or Needs To Be Replaced Most Computer Power Supplies Can Be Removed And Replaced With A New Functional Power Supply In About Half An Hour.

The Next Mechanical Computer Component That Can Fail Is The CPU Processor Cooling Fan Or The Onboard GPU - Graphical Processor Unit - Video Card - Cooling Fan That Might Be Used On Computer Laptops And Computer Notebooks To Cool And Manage Heat On Both The CPU And The GPU.

When A CPU Or GPU Cooling Fan Is On The Way Out, Is Going, Or About To Go You Typically Know About It And Hear It Acting Up In The System Well Before It Goes. Usually Your Computer Or Laptop Starts Making A Continuous Grinding Sound Due To The Bad CPU Cooling Fan Bearings Being Ground Down To Nothing Or Because The Bearings Do Not Have Enough Lubrication That Will Ultimately Cause The CPU Or GPU Cooling Fan To Completely Seize Up And Fail To Spin Or Function At All.

In Most Cases A Faulty CPU Cooling Fan Can Be Used Until It's Completely Dead Before Needing To Replace The CPU Cooling Fan With A New CPU Cooling Fan Before You Can Continue To Use The Computer System. Most Popular And Modern Computer Systems Will Report A Message On The Screen To The User In The BIOS Menu Or During The Computer Operating System Run Time That Will Clearly Indicate There Is A Problem With Your CPU Cooling Fan And You'll Know It's Time To Replace The Cooling Fan.

Like The Computer Power Supply A CPU Cooling Fan Or A GPU Cooling Fan Typically Has A 5 Year Shelf Life And Should Be Able To Cool The CPU Or GPU For About 5 Continuous Years Before Requiring Replacement. If You Don't Leave Your Computer On And Powered On And Processing The Entire Time You May Get Many More Years Then Just 5 Years Of Usage From Your CPU Cooling Fan Before It Requires Replacement.

The Last Mechanical Component In Your Computer Is Your Internal Computer Hard Drive. In Most Cases Most Computers And Laptops Only Have One Internal Computer Hard Drive And This Hard Drive Inside Your Computer Is Used To Hold Your Computer Operating System Code For Your Computer System And CPU Processor To Process As Well As To Hold And Store Your Files Like Pictures, Videos, Music, Etc As Well As Additional Software Applications, Etc.

It Is Also The Most Active And Most Moving Mechanical Computer Component Inside Of Your Computer. Unlike The Computer Power Supply And The CPU/GPU Computer Fan That Simply Spin The Internal Computer Hard Drive Has Many More Moving Components And Moving Parts. It Is Always On When The Computer Is Powered On And Is Prone To Physical Damage From Being Dropped And Moved Around Much More Then The Power Supply And CPU Fan.

Like The Power Supply And The Fan The Typical Hard Drive Built And Sold In The Last 10 Years Typically Have A Working Life Of About 5 Years. This Means You Power On The Hard Drive And Use It Continuously It Should Work For At Least Five Full Years. Most Will Last Longer Then This Under Full Load Usage And Many Do But A Good Rule Of Thumb Is 5 Years Of Usage For A Computer Hard Drive. The Computer Hard Drive Is The Most Prone To Being Damaged By Being Moved Around Or Bumped Or Hit.

The Rest Of The Components Inside Your Computer That Make Up Your Computer Like The Main Board And Related Computer Components Like The Video Card And The Sound Card, Installed RAM Chips, Ethernet And Wireless Network Cards, The CPU's And Processors That Drive Them All And The Related Plug In Accessories Like Your Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Monitor, USB Plugs, And HDMI And VGA Systems Are Much Less Likely To Give You Much Grief Or Require Computer Repair Because They Have No Moving Parts Needed To Make Them Work Properly And Do The Things They Were Designed To Do.

All Of These Computer Parts With Moving Parts To Them Will At Some Point Fail And Die And Need To Be Replaced. In My Opinion The Most Likely To Die First Is Usually The Computer Power Supply, Then The Computer Hard Drive, And Then The CPU Cooling Fans. All Of These Parts Can Fail Independently Or All Fail At The Same Time Though This Would Be A Very Rare Occasion.

A Good Idea To Keep Your Computer And The Components Inside Of It Working The Longest Is To Try To Minimize The Amount Of Movement And To Regularly Clean And Blow Out The Dust Inside And Outside Of Your Computer That Will Accumulate. Dust Inside If Your Computer Sitting On Top Of Your Main Board And All If Its Components And All Over The CPU Fan Blades Make It Harder For Your Computers Cooling System To Cool The Computer And May Result In Your Computer Starting To Over Heat And The Variety Of Issues That Overheating Can Cause.

If Your Computer Dies, Stops Working, Did Work, But Doesn't Work Any More And A Computer Repair Technician Or Some Savvy Computer Guy Tells You Its Not The Power Supply, Fan, Or Damaged Computer Hard Drive That Is Effecting Your Computer Then You Can Most Likely Simply Reinstall Your Computer Operating System To Get Your Computer Back Up And Functional Enough Again To Completely Restore And Configure Your System.

Both Hardware Computer Issues And Software Computer Issues Can Result In Your Computer Packing It In And Leave You Searching And Needing Computer Repair. In Most Cases Most Computers I See And Repair Have Working Hardware And Simply Suffering From Software Related Issues.

Computer Hardware Is Generally Made To Last And Work Under Some Pretty Extreme And Dirty Conditions And In Most Cases A Computer Technician Can Tell If Your Computer Is Suffering From Hardware Or Software Related Computer Issues With A Simple Phone Call Or Email In Self Report From A Customer Describing The Computer Trouble They Are Having.

Computer Software Is Usually The Culprit. 99% Of The Time Computer Software Is Directly Related To Your Computer Crashing Out For A Wide Variety Of Reasons From Corrupt Operating System Files On Your Hard Drive Due To An Unexpected Power Failure To Computers On Your Own Computer Network And The Internet Eating Your Computer As Soon As Your Computer Connects To Popular Websites That Hack Your Computer When Your Web Browser Simply Visits A Popular Website Loaded With Hack Code That Will Make Your Computer Do Anything The Hacker Wants With Out You Even Having An Idea It's Happening To You And Millions Of Other Unknowing Computer Users Your Computer Is In For A Rough Ride And At Some Point You Will Need Computer Repair For Software Related Reasons.

I Was Supposed To Write Something About Winnipeg Computers Schools At The End Of This Post But I Can't Think Of Anything Else That Comes To Mind About Computer Schools Or Getting A Computer School Ticket Here In Winnipeg Like Computer Science Or A Computer Programing Course.