A free Winnipeg Computer Repair web blog about do it your self free computer repair from your friend Justin the Winnipeg Computer Repair Master that shows you step by step how I fix and repair my own personal computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks, computer workstations, computer servers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and the wired, wireless, and wifi computer networks, routers, and the internet connections they run on any time I run into any type of computer trouble.

I simply backup user data and the computer devices current settings and configuration and reinstall the current computer operating system found on the computer and this fixes most if not all types of software related computer issues regardless of the type of computer or computer operating systems involved.

The collection of computer repair guides, how to install windows computer operating system installation guides and the simple common sense computer repair advice found in this computer repair blog do work for me and should work for you too.

I've been using the same basic common sense approach to user data and computer device settings backup, computer operating system installation and reinstallation, and computer repair on all types of computers and most types of mobile computing devices for well over twenty years and they have and continue to work for me almost every time I need to use them myself personally or to fix customers and clients computers suffering from most common types of computer trouble.

These computer repair guides and computer operating system installation guides should work for you too. If not your computer is likely suffering from more advanced types of computer component or computer hardware issues that will likely require a trip to a computer store or a computer shop for some bench time with a professional computer repair technician or should simply be returned to the place of purchase for an exchange or a refund or sent in to the computer manufacturer for warranty.

All of these free computer repair guides come with absolutely no warranty or guarantee of any type but the basic approach and concept to this type of fix all computer repair is widely excepted by the computer repair and computer repair technician community as the cheapest, fastest, and most effective way to blindly attempt to fix most if not all but the most advanced types of computer trouble on all types of computers using all types of computer operating systems.

If you have any questions or concerns or comments about any of the computer repair guides or computer repair advice found on the blog posts on this blog please feel free to leave a comment on the post in question and I will be happy to get back to you and attempt to address your concerns. I actively stay on top of monitoring the thousands of comments this blogs posts take every month you should expect a reply promptly.

You could also send me an email to winnipeg computer master at gmail dot com if you would prefer a more private conversation or need immediate communication.

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Last Edited 1/16/2013.