Monday, May 20, 2013

Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Everything You Need To Know

Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB
Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Was The Worst Computer Shop In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

If You Were A Power Computer User Or A Newbie Looking For A New Computer, A Used Computer, Computer Parts, Or Computer Software, You'll Likely Be Better Taking Your Computer Business Else Ware Then Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB According To Several Internet Blog Websites And Bulletin Board Forum Boards Easily Found Online Via Several Popular Internet Search Engines.

Recently It Was Announced That The Owners And Operators Of This Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Business And Apparently Shady Computer And Computer Parts Retail Store Decided The Gig Was Up And They Would Be Permanently Closing The Computer Store Doors And Do The Public A Favor.

If You Were A Previous Customer Or Client Of Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Manitoba You Likely Have An Idea How Expensive The Computer Parts Were And How Awful The Customer Service Was. Can't Say I'm Not Happy To See Them Go.

Maybe If The Owners The Operators And The Staff At This Winnipeg Computer Store Would Provide Better Pricing And Better Customer Service They Might Have Held In There Longer And Still Be Here Today To Continue A Potentially Profitable Venture.

One Of The Things I Hated The Most About This Crappy Store Was The Fact That The Staff And The Owners Always Came Across As Knowing More Then You Do About A Particular Subject And Wouldn't Think Twice About Trying To Take Advantage Of You And Attempt To Jack Up Your Computer Repair Bill Because The Staff Were A Bunch Of Inexperienced Clowns.

I Remember One Potential Customer Called Me Up Out Of The Blue With A Pretty Common Computer Problem (Windows Crashed Due To A New Popular Computer Virus That Was Making The Rounds) And Explained How The Retards At Computer Boulevard Had Sold Her A New Laptop Computer With A Year Of In House Warranty (She Paid Additional Fees For In House Hassle Free Warranty).

Well It Turns Out About 6 Weeks After Bringing Her New Laptop Computer Home To Having Her New Computer Connected To The Internet With A New Internet Connection Without Any Type Of Hardware Firewall Or Router In Place Her New Laptop Computer Picked Up The New Computer Virus And Was Unable To Continue To Use Her Computer Any Longer Due To The Computer Laptop Being Unable To Completely Boot Into Her Windows Computer Operating System.

Knowing That She Had Warranty And Had Paid For The In House Extended Warranty Plan She Returned To The Computer Boulevard Store Expecting To Use Her Warranty Plan And Have Her New Laptop Fixed And Repaired Only To Be Told She Needed A New Computer Hard Drive At An Additional Expense To Her.

Not Wanting To Rock The Boat She Apparently Asked The Staff To Save The Few Pictures She Had Copied Into Her Computer Using A Plug In USB Computer Scanner And Copy Them Over To Her New Computer Hard Drive She Was Expecting Only To Receive A Computer Repair Bill Over A Thousand Dollars For What Appears To Be Less Then One Complete Hour Of Computer Repair Labor.

When She Refused To Pay The Computer Repair Bill For Completed Work She Had Not Authorized And Demanded Her Laptop And The Original Hard Drive Back So She Could Take Her Business Else Ware The Clowns At The Local Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Location Refused To Return Her Laptop Computer AND Refused To Provide Her A Refund.

That My Friends Is Shady Computer Repair Business! If You've Been In Winnipeg, Manitoba And Purchased A New Or Used Computer From The Clowns At Computer Boulevard Winnipeg Manitoba And Had To Return To Computer Boulevard For Computer Repair Service Or Warranty Work It's Very Likely That You May Have Encountered The Same Type Of Hassle. Glad To See Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB Close The Doors.

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