Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Is The Best Free Anti-Virus Software Program When They All Fail

Best Free Anti Virus Program
What is the Best Free Anti-Virus Software program when they all fail? What anti-virus do you recommend knowing existing anti-virus programs can only help protect against already known computer viruses and do nothing to protect computers or computer users from new or unknown computer viruses?

Which anti-virus programs do you and don't you not recommend? As a computer repair technician i tend to get a lot of these types of questions sometimes many times per week. So i decided to share some of my knowledge about anti-virus programs.

Being a computer repair technician in a local Winnipeg computer repair company I can safely say I've run across my fair share of many anti-virus computer software packages and programs that are free to be downloaded from the anti-virus's companies website download section. I've also seen a few different anti-virus programs which claim to be completely free but usually arent.

Best Free Anti Virus Software
When I look at most of my current and past computer repair customers i can quickly see that most but not all prefer free anti virus software packages and seem to want to rely on completely free anti-virus software solutions and simply don't seem to care or thing about a free anti-virus software package being a less secure anti-virus program because they decided not to commit to either a yearly or a monthly anti-virus program subscription.

Recent industry shattering Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, And Facebook Zero Day computer hacks have shown us all anti-virus programs are completely vulnerable to completely missing the latest computer hacks and computer viruses.

The only truly free anti-virus program we know of out there is AVG Free. Despite AVG Free being just as insecure as any other free or so called free anti-virus software programs I still try to trust AVG Free to protect my computer and my customers computers using AVG Free and do think it's currently the best free anti-virus software program you can currently use.

AVG Free has let a few threats get past the security system and make it's way on to on our computer systems and networks in the past yet has also corrected easy to fix virus disasters and website hacks where all Avanti, Avast and even the big cheese anti-virus company Norton miserably failed for the same obvious reasons.

AVG is a resource pig. It uses lots of computer performance and resources while running but the scans are fast and the extra AVG tools are can be invaluable if you need anti-virus options. A good anti-virus program like AVG, Norton, Avast, And Avanti can keep your computer clean of all known computer viruses at the sake of computer performance speed but ultimately all try to protect you from most if not all of the deadly computer viruses found in download files and websites that try to eat your computer when you visit the website out there. AVG Free protects from spyware, malware, adware, and of course viruses.

Keep in mind we have no affiliation or commission agreement with AVG – this is not a biased advertisement. We honestly have been using AVG for years and have NEVER had an issue with it. So to answer the question of “What is the best free anti-virus?”. The answer is AVG Free or simply running your computer completely naked with no anti-virus programs and not connected to the internet or any network connections for maximum performance and maximum computer security. Put it on the net and your computer will get hacked running any anti-virus programs.