Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Computer BLVD Winnipeg

Computer BLVD Winnipeg Or Computer Boulevard Was A Computer Company With A Computer Store Front Location Open To The Public Located At 1250 Saint James Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Computer BLVD Sold New And Used Computers, Computer Hardware Components, And Various Types Of Computer Software As Well As Providing Computer Repair Services And More Advanced Computer Services To The Public.

In Early 2012 The Computer Boulevard Winnipeg Owners Announced To The Public That Winnipeg Computer Boulevard Would Likely Be Locking The Winnipeg Computer Store Doors, Hanging Up The For Office For Sale Sign, Closing Up Shop And All Types Of Computer Hardware And Computer Software Sales And No Longer Provide Any Type Of Computer Business For Good Before The End Of The 2012 New Year.

The Owners And Operators Of Computer BLVD Winnipeg Stated The Main Reasons Were Due To Sluggish New PC Sales, Poor Desktop Brand Name Line Ups, Bigger And Better Computer Companies Moving Into Bigger And Better And Cheaper Computer Stores Winnipeg Locations And Offering Computer Hardware, Computer Software, And Computer Services Cheaper, And Faster, Then Computer BLVD Winnipeg Could.

Some Say That At One Point In Time Computer BLVD Was The One In Place Winnipeg Computer Stores To Go To Place For The Cheapest New And Used Computer Parts And Computer Peripherals In Winnipeg. If You Needed A New Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Or Ultrabook Computer The First Place You Would Used To Look First Was Computer BLVD.

That Was Until Big Brand Name Business And Big Retail Box Stores Like Walmart, Super Store, And Shoppers Drug Mart Started Selling Brand Name Computers, Laptops, And Other Types Of Computer Parts And Computer Products On Food Store Shelves Across The City.

Bigger Computer And Tech Toy Parts Stores Such As Staples, Future Shop, And Best Buy Electronics Saw The Profitable Value Of Stocking Numerous More Brand Name Computers And Components On Their Shelves Too And Starting Paying Attention To Consumers Tech Needs And Responded By Providing More Computer Products And Computer Services In Store.

New Big Retail Box Stores Getting Into The Retail Computers And Computer Parts Scene And Existing Big Retail Rivals And Competition Offering On Site Services At Customers Residential Homes And Business Locations Marketed At Extremely Competitive Prices All Worked Together To Make It Clear To Computer BLVD That It Was Going To Be A Long, Tough, And Competative Time In The Future For Computer BLVD To Remain In Profitable Computer Business Of Selling Computer Hardware, Computer Software, And Computer Services.

Gone Were The Good Old Days Of Building New Custom Computers For Customers In A Phone Call To Computer Component Distributors With The Cheapest Parts Available, A Few Days For The Computer Parts Shipment To Arrive, And A Few Hours To Assemble A New Computer Out Of New Or Used Computer Parts, Install The Latest And Greatest Windows Computer Operating System On It And Sell It For A Cool Thousand Dollar Profit.

When Memory Express Expanded East From It's Home Base Calgary And Edmonton Locations To Winnipeg Just Down The Street From Computer BLVD Winnipeg And Opened Its First Location At 730 Century Street Offering The Public A Free 25% Price Match Promoting To Beat Any And All Canadian Advertised Prices - Either Local Or Online – Also Including Computer BLVD By As Much As 25% It Was Time To Call It A Day And Close The Computer Boulevard Winnipeg Manitoba Shop Doors Location For Good Or Become A More Prominent Computer Services Provider.

Apparently Not Many People Can Say They Were Ever Really A Big Fan Of Computer Boulevard Winnipeg MB For Computer Services Or Computer Support - But Everyone In The Computer Repair Scene And The Build A New Computer For A Profit Gig Knew Computer Boulevard's Competitive Prices Were Great Until The Bigger Guys With More Money Moved Into Winnipeg And Made It Simply Unprofitable For Small Computer Companies Like Computer Boulevard To Remain Competitive. All Said And Done That Was The End Of Computer BLVD Due To Better End Prices To The Public Consumer.

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